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"Ready to sacrifice everything out of love for the hero [Yuki]"


As Yuno Gasai removes the smile from her eyes


in its place is madness beyond all


The existence called "Yandere" began to spread





Narrowly speaking,


It refers to the character traits shown by those patients who have a favorable impression of their lover and are in a state of shyness,


thus resulting in mental illness.


such as an extraordinary desire to control, to be loved.


That is, falling into a state of mental illness when facing a special person


Generally speaking,


It refers to the character traits exhibited by people who have feelings for others while in a state of mental illness.


That is, love from a mentally ill patient.


The above is its basic definition, but in fact, its definition often changes with different users.


Characters with the character trait of 'Yandere'  usually have strong emotions and obsessions about a phenomenon that ordinary people cannot understand and agree with.


Moreover, they may use this as a driving force to make extreme behaviors such as excessive love, exclusion, self-harm, hurting others, and even abandoning themselves. These actions often have tragic consequences.


If you want to express it simply, it can be understood as love with strong dependence. They will do anything to gain, maintain, or prevent the leaving of loved ones.


In today's society, there are usually two types of cognition about  'Yandere'.


Some people love it very much, thinking that Yandere makes the perfect lover, who is totally devoted to the relations and will not betray.

Others have a negative attitude, believing that Yandere is a mentally ill patient and should be sheltered and treated.


Characters with Yandere trait often appear harmless, lovable, and compassionate on the surface

This is usually just for the sake of the admirer or to confuse others.



Yandere is also one of the few types that show "shyness" in appearance.

But this is often just the sweet bait left by predators when they hunt.

Yandere contains two different categories

One refers to a person who is originally normal, but has gone irrational because of excessive emotions or extreme events, which is mostly reflected in the narrow sense of sickness

That is, Stress-Caused Yandere


The other refers to a person who doesn't have a normal way of thinking at first becomes more abnormal because they fall in love. This can generally be regarded as Yandere in a broad sense

That is, Congenital Yandere


Although both of these conditions are currently identified as Yandere, it is clear that one is a change over time and the other is a causal relationship.


In a typical story, if the heroine's nature is not Yandere at first,

then most of it is because of the cowardice, arrogance, ghost, and bad personality of the male protagonist, which leads to the result of her Yandere.


In such a case, the character's choice of lover is usually inseparable from his own cowardly personality.

And this often occurs in some unconventional works.


The reason for this is psychological factors. As long as the stressor disappears, the state of sickness can be relieved.

(Of course, it is also possible for someone to jump into a deeper abyss) 

There are also cases in which the illness is caused by the inability to exclude stressors.

Of course, in fiction, the patient cannot recover.

Because fictional works, in the pursuit of dramatic conflicts,

will not show corresponding solutions in the middle.

Sometimes, in order to deduce the conflict, unfortunate plots are added to the original situation.


For example, a loved one suddenly disappears or dies


So the already crumbling balance was pushed directly into the deepest depths of darkness by the malicious author

This often elicits an overwhelming response from the audience.

"In a world where XXX is not there, there is no need to exist"


"If Russia doesn't exist, what do we need the world for?"

There are doubts about whether Putin is a Yandere.


So these kinds of devastating endings are now often seen. 

And the Yandere displayed by people who are not born with a normal way of thinking


For dramatic effect

It often changed in the development of the story because of love. Although there will be many unreasonable developments in the middle, most of them will lead to a good ending or a true ending.


Although many people talk about Yandere now, in fact, in the original ACG world, there was no clear concept of "Yandere"

In Japanese, it means "to blush because you like something"


From a medical point of view, it means a disease, but here it is more appropriate to mean an unsound mentality.


That is, "the mental state of having strong emotions and obsessions that cannot be understood and recognized by the general public in society, and using this emotion as a driving force to produce extreme behaviors such as excessive love, exclusion, self-mutilation, and harm to others."



And the role of this kind of attribute did not start to appear in modern times. Before the word "Yandere" was born and attracted attention, such a role existed.


For example,  Ishtar, the Mesopotamian goddess in the Western world, etc.


There is also an episode in "Doraemon" about a female robot's meticulous attention to Nobita. Once someone has an idea for Nobita, she will get angry.


But the word Yandere became widely known because of the adult game "School Days" sold in 2005 and the animation "SHUFFLE!" released in the same year.


Since then, comics, animations, and games with Yandere characters appearing have begun to attract attention, and Yandere has become a new trend.


When characters acting because of mental illness are not considered MOE, nor actual characters or ACG characters published before the term "weak" was popularized, were considered "Yandere "


Nowadays, there are many ACG characters, who were published before the popularization of the word "Yandere ", re-identified as "Yandere".


The heroine in "Crazed Fruit", Tsukishima Mikatsu

In order to impress and monopolizes the protagonist, she shows her dark side and kills the people associated with the protagonist one by one.


With the development of the times, the concept of Yandere has different definitions and differences according to personal factors.At present, it has been subdivided into several situations.


But Yandere often brings tragedy, but it is the consensus of everyone that it can arouse the sympathy of the audience.


 Someone crazy for you is someone crazy for you


Yandere people's dedication, courage, and diligence for their loved ones are astounding.


Martyrdom can also be regarded as a manifestation of sickness, But Yandere people sometimes choose to get rid of the admirers who have no intention of committing suicide.


The CEO of Overflow, the production company of "School Days", once mentioned the prevalence of Yandere, describing it as a "stronger feeling than wanting the other person to be nice to me alone"


Ryukishi07  said that if a man puts down his self-esteem and looks for a "love-dependent woman" who can't live without him, it is Yandere.


The popularity of Yandere has begun to make some ACG works plan to make the heroine Yandere tender in the early stages of production, in order to gain the support of those "viewers who like Yandere".


When Europe and the United States people mentioned the word Yandere


Maybe influenced by Yuno Gasai in "Future Diary"


they generally only refer to the type of Yandere people who like to use violent means,detail in Yandere Simulator


Even later, severe patients will even regard pink hair = Yandere tender, and regard it as the truth.

I don't know if it was influenced by [YOU and ME and HER: A Love Story]  Or

[Doki Doki Literature Club!]?

However, with the widespread of the term "Yandere ", some wonderful misunderstandings have also begun to appear.


Some people literally interpret Yandere as "the weak and sickly weak"


They mistakenly believe that the heroine Miyazaki in [Another], that kind of character with a blindfold and a fragile sense of existence, is the so-called Yandere girl 


There are also some people who directly think that the blackened characters are all Yandere people because the characters with Yandere tender often have blackened plots. 


But in fact, blackening refers to switching to a dark personality and doing extreme behaviors that do not match the usual image.


But this is not necessary for a Yandere character, especially a Yandere character in a broad sense. She does not have the corresponding cognition, or there is a problem with her own personality originally, so there is no switching-to-blackening process.


There are also people who confuse violence with Yandere because usually Yandere characters like to resort to violence and keep her lover by her side out of curiosity.


But in fact, this is also a misunderstanding (probably influenced by Yuno Gasai and others).


And With the development of The Times, It also shows more characteristics



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